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IDW bringing Go-Bots back in a fresh reboot with Tom Scioli at the helm

Go-Bots might be a property that many a Transformer fan likes to joke about, but the new comic mini-series from IDW might change that.

Go bots!

Admission: I watched Go-Bots. Not only that, I also had a bunch of the toys. And, somehow, I managed to play with them and not have them interact with my Transformers toys. There’s a puzzler. At any rate, I dug ’em. But that was me, and I’ve never actually met someone else who liked Go-Bots.

The property was, and still is, way too similar to Takara and Hasbro’s Transformers for most people. Of course, now it’s actually owned by those same people too, since Hasbro officially bought the rights years back. But much like my childhood play, this new mini-series from IDW won’t be linked to any Cybertronians.

Instead, it’s set to be another completely off the wall (and probably lauded) book from Tom Scioli. You might remember his work from Transformers vs GI Joe, also from IDW. It’s worth mentioning though, that Go-Bots doesn’t sound anywhere near as… weird.

In Go-Bots, we find the Gobotronians (yes, really) on Earth for decades already

They interact with human society and everything is pretty great, as they actually are a part of life for people. They even have jobs apparently. The story turns though, when people start to worry that the Go-Bots might be on Earth to actually replace humanity, and not coexist with it.

 “This is a dream project – I’m writing, drawing, coloring, and hand-lettering this book. It’s a labor of love,” says Scioli. “When these characters were conceived of in the ’80s, the idea of robots with human personalities was science fiction. Now, it’s history. The world of living machines is here – we’re living it. The time is right for Go-Bots!”

“Avant-garde creator Tom Scioli has been pushing the comic book storytelling medium for nearly two decades now and his work on Go-Bots is yet another watershed moment in his career,” says IDW Associate Publisher David Hedgecock. “It is a testament to the strong collaboration between IDW Publishing and Hasbro, that projects like this can exist on licensed properties.”

Set for a five-issue run, Go-Bots #1 is set to debut this October.

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