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Marvel releases mini-retrospective on Dan Slott’s Spider-Man

Writer Dan Slott has been working on Spider-Man for a long time. Like, a really long time. The scribe has left 180 issues in his wake, and Marvel has seen fit to celebrate that as his run comes to a close.

Web of words

Ten years and 180 issues of Amazing Spider-Man is an impressive feat. And that’s coming from someone who’s not been into all of Dan Slott’s run. Though he’s done some excellent stuff with the web-head, don’t get me wrong. I ate up a lot of his early stuff, though I didn’t have much of a taste for Superior. Not that I’m unique in that. Or inarguably correct either, as there are people on staff here at BG who dug Otto’s run.

Still, whether you loved the whole Slott collection, or you just liked bits and pieces, you really can’t deny the impact that he’s had. Ten years is an awfully long time after all, and Spidey has been through some harrowing events in that time (yes, including Superior).

How many can you remember? How many big moments from Slott’s time on the book are pivotal for you as a fan? Chances are, you forgot a few, though the following video will definitely help in that regard.

Slott’s last issue of Amazing is available right now, so have a look at the vid, and then go grab issue #800.

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