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Full Venom trailer hits, sets up anti-hero Eddie Brock and sinister symbiote

After last night’s tease of a leak, the entire first trailer for Sony’s Venom landed on the web. It arrived with pretty much universal acclaim too, which is understandable. Shockingly, it looks pretty great.

Venomous hero?

Since Lethal Protector was already a known inspiration behind the upcoming Venom solo flick, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the title character is being played up as an anti-hero. In that famous comic book arc, Venom kind of forgot about his nemesis (Spider-Man) for a while and actually became something of a hero.

He was basically into killing Spidey, who he saw as a villain, and protecting everyone else. That’s a theme that’s carried over, through the character’s many subsequent series’. It’s even the main focus in the current Venom book from Marvel. Well, maybe not the Spider-Man hate, as Eddie seems to have worked past that altogether.

As for the origin of the symbiote itself, it looks like Sony has opted for something the melds the original (alien) origin and the more down-to-Earth “Ultimate” universe beginning. When taken together, it actually appears to work quite well, at least from this early glimpse.

As for the web-head himself though, I have to believe that he’ll be included in there somewhere. It was heavily rumored that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker would be included in a cameo fashion, and it certainly looks as though Eddie’s adventure takes him back to NYC. So it’s easy to imagine that there might be a confrontation at some point.

So is Carnage in this or what?

“Who knows”, is the easy answer there. Sony clearly isn’t showing everything that there is to see in this first full look at Venom, so there could be a good deal yet to come. Don’t forget that there are a bunch of symbiotes in that Life facility.

It could be that there’s a whole cadre of alien-powered loonies after Venom for the main bulk of the film. Woody Harrelson’s Carnage (if that’s who he’s actually playing) could easily be one of those.

Stay tuned for lots more on this one as we get closer to release. That, by the way, will be October the 5th.

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