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Remember the Moana Star Wars Parody? Well, He’s at it again

Almost a year ago YouTube was hit with a parody song. The world’s of Star Wars and Moana got beautifully mashed together to create a truly wonderful song. YouTuber OverEnglishMan took the song “You’re Welcome” from Moana and made it just a tad more Star Wars-y.

What started as an image and opening lines on Tumblr was continued on by OverEnglishMan. Who then went to write the rest of the song and perform it. Imagining the opening of The Last Jedi to be Luke Skywalker breaking into song telling Rey that she’s welcome for all the wonderful things he did in his time as a jedi.

The song has currently gained over 6.5 million views. If you haven’t heard this glorious song just watch below and have your life changed.

Star Wars/Moana “You’re Welcome Parody”

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pORNNBE4YVE[/embedyt]


Onto more recent events, OverEnglishMan has parodied the musical Hamilton. Not the whole thing mind you, just the song “York Town (World Turned Upside Down)”. This time he has chosen to use The Avengers to fill in.

In a recent turn of unfortunate events the video has been blocked over copyright claims. Fear not however, the video has been uploaded to his Facebook and is watchable. So, a previous fan or not, get over there and check it out. It’s truly marvellous.

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