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Fresh hell – it looks like there might be another Doom movie coming up

The first one wasn’t all that, we’ll say “good”, but it seems as though Bethesda is game to try and bring Doom to the world of film yet again. This time, it might be a smaller project, and hopefully one more faithful to the source material.


Released back in 2004 (good lord, that was 14 years ago), the first Doom movie was something of a disappointment. Okay, maybe it was a flop. Alright… it was a flop, and a big one. With a reported take of just $56million USD, and a budget of $65million, there’s no way to spin the box office into anything positive.

Personally, and I’m a big fan of the games, but I didn’t dig the flick at all. It crafted a narrative that’s not even in the same ballpark as any of the reboots that we’ve seen. I mean, the demons weren’t even demons, they were (in effect) science experiments. Sure the “FPS” segment at the end was kind of nifty, but it was a pretty terrible movie overall.

But now there’s hope renewed that Doom might get a solid movie adaptation yet (work with me). A spokesperson from Universal related to trade pub Variety that Universal 1440 Entertainment is handling a Doom project right now.

That wing of the entertainment giant by the way, is centered on stuff that isn’t timed at the solver screen. So that means that a new Doom movie would be fodder for television, or a streaming service. Not necessarily a bad thing by any means.

Adding to that, is that actress Nina Bergman has already sort of gone on record talking about Doom. She commented via Twitter that she’ll be appearing in “the next Doom movie”. So there’s already a cast, and the movie has made it into production (apparently), and that’s cause for a little excitement.

Well, cautious excitement anyway.

Source: IGN

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