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Toy Fair 2018: DST set to blitz the show with Sonic the Hedgehog

This is pretty big news. Sega has zoomed over to Diamond Select Toys for a whole new world of Sonic the Hedgehog toys. That includes mini-figures, PVC dioramas, and even Minimates.

“It’s an honor and a challenge to develop products based a world with such a long history and distinctive style,” said Diamond Select Toys president Chuck Terceira. “The Sonic Universe has so many possibilities that we are excited to explore – in our established categories, like Vinimates, Minimates and Gallery PVCs, but also the PVC mini-figure category, which we are diving into for the first time!”

Speeding to collectors

Sonic figures are nothing new, as the license has jumped around between companies for a while. This has been to varying degrees of quality. What makes this latest shift so interesting is that, number one, DST is a quality toy-maker, and number two, this is for a lot more than just action figures.

Diamond is saying that the emphasis for this first volley of Sonic toys will be squarely on the main characters. So that means “the speedy hedgehog Sonic, the energetic Amy, Tails the two-tailed flying fox,  Knuckles the powerful Echidna, Shadow the anti-hero hedgehog, Metal Sonic the evil robot hedgehog, and the mustachioed mastermind Dr. Eggman.” So far, so good? Yep.

As for what we’ll be getting, it’s a smorgasbord. Though there are no shots just yet, DST will have:

  • Gallery PVC dioramas – approximately 9-inch scale sculpted statues
  • Vinimates – posed, 4-inch block-style figures
  • Minimates – 2-inch, fully poseable block figures

These figures (et all) are coming up a lot sooner than you might be thinking too. DST says they’ll start offering them to retailers this very month, and I’d assume at least some of the above should be on shelves this coming Holiday.

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