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Sideshow expands Court of the Dead with a Reaper General

Mortighull, the Risen Reaper General, is a conflicted creature. He joins the “Bone” faction of Sideshow’s original IP, Court of the Dead.

Strength of Bone

Court of the Dead is an interesting property. An original fiction, it was created in-house at high-end statue and collectible maker Sideshow Toys.

The storyline focuses on a war between Heaven and Hell, but centers on neither faction. Instead, Court of the Dead pays attention to those caught in the middle. That means humans, sure, but also the dead. And additionally, those who rule over the Underworld.

It’s neat stuff, and perfect for where Sideshow positioned it. Court of the Dead plays out in “art, literature, gaming, sculpture, collectibles and more”. As you can see, there’s no word of anything live-action or animated in there. Nor is there a comic for Court, though I imagine it’s only a matter of time.

As of right now though, the company has announced Mortighull, the Risen Reaper General.

And he’s pretty freaking awesome.


The Reaper General Mortighull is far from a mirror image of his mentor, the resolute Demithyle. Mortighull is torn between his obligation to end the great celestial war… and tempted by darker urges.

An Underworld champion conceived for a noble scheme, yet hammered by its cruel purpose, he revels in the thrill of combat, but struggles with his compassion for the mortal souls that are unwillingly drawn into the Celestial War.

Mortighull walks the knife’s edge of a warrior who must bring about peace through destruction.

The celestial kingdom was meant to live in harmony, yet all Heaven and Hell do is wage war on one other. Theirs is a battle for power: pointless and greedy. And we are sent into this vile conflict to find peace. Bone Faction imposes order. But order can be achieved in many ways. I am torn between our stalwart purpose and a desire to destroy. May the morrow come when I am freed from this sadistic paradox. Until then, I am the risen Reaper General Mortighull, a soldier of  cruel purpose.

      – Mortighull  

As with all of the Court of the Dead statues, Mortighull is massive and loaded with detail. There are few companies out there that pack the kind of work into their pieces as Sideshow, and that’s really on display here with this guy.

Mortighull is available right now for pre-order on Sideshow’s website. He’ll run you $600 USD, and is set to launch sometime from October to December of 2018.

Here’s a bit more on him, straight from the company:

Mortighull is the latest Premium Format Figure in Sideshow’s ever expanding line of Court of the Dead statues. He is simply overflowing with the detail and intricacy that collectors have come to expect from Sideshow’s creepy Court collectibles.

Standing over 26″ tall, the Risen Reaper General is an imposing and impressive figure. His ornate armor is beautifully aged and weathered with the stained copper and green patina of an ancient relic. His grinning visage bears the scars of countless battles, and a single gleaming eye glistens within a ravaged eye socket.

Mortighull wields the great sword known as Cryptmourne – a weapon legendary in the Underworld for the epic battles it has won. The snake-like winding of its fearsome blade strikes fear in those who are on its receiving end.

Sublimely weathered and textured cut & sew details bring added dimension to this baroque figure. Merlot-colored lining and leather detailing with metal ornamentation bring a touch of regality to his battle-worn armor.

The Sideshow Exclusive Version of Mortighull features the Veil of Mortality: a mask chosen to honor (and sympathize with) the mortals whose souls he is tasked with collecting. It serves as a physical manifestation of the Reaper’s internal struggle as he strives to transcend his darker nature.

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