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November Games With Gold: Trackmania, Tales From The Borderlands, NiGHTS into dreams, And More

The line up for November’s Games with Gold has been revealed with the following games, Trackmania Turbo, Tales from the Borderlands: Complete Season, NiGHTS into dreams and Deadfall Adventures. There is a lot to be thankful for, as these games amount to more than $100 in savings and can add up to 3400 gamer points. Make sure to pick up some of these games starting on November 1st.

Pickup Trackmania Turbo And NiGHTs in dreams From Xbox Games With Gold

Starting on November 1st, Xbox Gold Members will be able to download Trackmania Turbo, from Ubisoft. This zany arcade racing game pushes the limits of reality with trippy tracks that bend and twist. Race online against your friends and players can even build custom tracks. If speed is your thing, make sure to pick up Trackmania Turbo at the beginning of November.

From SEGA comes the next title in the NiGHTS series, NiGHTS into Dreams. Players can fly through the air and experience the fun that is NiGHTs into Dreams.


Do Not Miss Out On Tales From the Borderlands And Deadfall Adventures

Starting on November 16th, Xbox Gold Members can pick up the Telltale adventure, Tales from the Borderlands: The Complete Season, from Telltale Games. Follow the adventures of Rhys and Fiona as they explore Pandora together and try to retrieve some stolen cash.

The last game available is Deadfall Adventures from Nordic Games. In this action adventure game, players will play as James Lee Quatermain, the great grandson of Allan Quartermain, a great adventurer. Set in the Lost World universe, make sure not to miss this gaming experience.

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