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MegaCat Studios launches new NES carts. Yeah you read that right

Is retro gaming still retro gaming if the games you’re playing are new? Either way, MegaCat Studios’ latest are pretty slick, and just in time for Halloween.

Neo-retro scares

Here we are in 2017 and the cart-based NES’ library is still growing. That’s not something that I would have believed, yet MegaCat Studios has announced a pair of new games this week. Add in a pretty rad looking chip-tune album, and you’ve got a cool slate of retro-themed Halloween goodies.

Oh, and one of them has a pretty phenomenal looking special edition by the way.

First, let’s talk tunes.

Creepin It Reel is an NES chiptune album with NES rendered, officially licensed Dancing Pumpkin Man dance moves and a fully playable pachinko game full of treats.

How can you say no to Dancing Pumpkin Man? You can’t friends, you can’t. And it also features the music from Creepy Brawlers, so if you pick that up and dig the tunes, this one’s for you.

But while the album seems kind of neat, the actual games are seriously tempting.

One’s feels like an NES classic boxer. And the other? Well it looks an awful lot like an uber-patriotic Joust.

  • Creepy Brawlers marries monster movies & boxing to the NES.  An achievement system, counter attacks and enemy evolutions to keep the scares high and health bars low.

  • Justice Duel is a four player couch co-op action game with a full featured single player campaign, mech-eagles in top hats and an array of weapons

Pretty cool stuff, huh?

It’s Creepy Brawlers, by the way, that has that rocking special edition. Not that the standard edition is any slouch, made from a translucent, blood-red plastic.The special edition though, kind of has the edge.

Why? Because the cart itself is carved out to look like a graveyard. Yeah, that’s awesome. It is a little on the pricy side though, at $100 USD. For that, you’ll get the special edition cart plus a manual and game box.

Everything listed above is available right now, on MegaCat Studios’ website. Check it all out here.


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