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Square Enix announces Secret of Mana remake

The highly acclaimed JRPG will receive a full graphical overhaul, voice acting and more.

The Facts

Square Enix revealed a trailer for a full 3D remake of “Secret of Mana” on Aug. 25. The trailer opens with the original game’s intro sequence before moving into a cutscene from the new game, complete with voice acted lines by the main protagonist. The trailer ends with a preview of the different bonuses players will receive for preordering the game, including Moogle and tiger costumes for the main party characters.

The “Secret of Mana” remake is set to release February 15, 2018 on Playstation 4, Playstation Vita and PC.

Author’s Take

This is certainly a pleasant surprise from Square Enix. The “Mana” series has certainly been dying for some attention for a while now, and more than a few long time fans will happily pick this one up. And who knows: maybe this will provide the series with a good jolt of momentum and Square Enix will consider producing an entirely new entry.



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