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Marvel Animated Minimates series 6 revealed

The sixth wave of DST’s Marvel Animated Minimates is official. It’ll offer characters like Vision, Abomination, and a new version of Spider-Man.

Minimates a go-go

There’s no stopping the Minimate train. I mean, really, the series of stylized comic book characters is seeming never-ending. And that’s a good thing by the way, as there’s no shortage of characters for Diamond Select Toys to mine for fresh waves.

While Minimates are available based on heroes and villains from multiple publishers though, it’s the Marvel ones that really drive the line. And that’s what we’re looking at today. DST has unveiled the 6th wave of the little guys based on Marvel’s animated universe.

As usual, these are exclusive to Walgreens stores too. So you won’t find ’em anywhere else, unlike other Minimate figures. And you might want to start mapping the nearest ‘greens, because wave 6 happens to be a good one.

Here’s what’s coming up later this summer:

  • From Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man teams up with Iron Fist! Wearing his K’Un-Lun Armor, Spidey acts as a second in battle to his SHIELD teammate Danny Rand, the mystical martial artist known as the Iron Fist. Danny comes with a removable mask and unmasked hair piece, while Spider-Man includes a webline accessory.
  • Also from Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man, White Tiger teams up with the Iron Patriot! Spider-Man’s amulet-powered teammate Ava Ayala comes with armored hero Norman Osborne, attempting to undo his wrongs as the Green Goblin. Both characters feature removable masks, and Ava comes with an alternate unmasked hair piece.
  • From Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, the Vision faces off with the Abomination! A synthezoid, or artificial person, the Vision must adjust his density to take on the Gamma-powered brute, Emil Blonsky! Vision includes a clear flight stand.
  • Also from Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, the royal family of the Inhumans has arrived! Vocally destructive Black Bolt comes with his wife Medusa, and her living locks of hair! Blackagar Boltagon comes with an alternate shouting head, as well as a sonic scream accessory. This is the first Minimate ever made of Medusa!

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