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SDCC 2017: Power Lords return and Mythic Legions march on at Four Horsemen

Toy-maker Four Horsemen’s smash hit collector line, Mythic Legions, was present at the big Con last week, along side the returning Power Lords.


Without a doubt, one of the coolest toy lines out there right now is Mythic Legions. The niche series of fantasy figures is heading into its fourth wave, delivering more fantastic designs. They’re touching on nearly every fantasy category too with this series.

Patterned after a gladiatorial combat arena that you could easily imagine being in the world of D&D, this new line delivers barbarians, dwarves, and orcs. There are even two figures in particular that look suspiciously like Mattel’s He-Man and Skeletor, characters from another line that the Horsemen have a hand in.

Mythic Legions also debuted another scale in this wave. It’s a bit taller than a standard figure, but shorter than their towering largest figure size. The new scale clocks in at about 9″ and includes a barbarian berserker and an ogre, both of which look amazing.

These are in pre-order right now on StoreHorsemen.com, and should arrive sometime next year.

Power up

As for Power Lords, well what’s to say? It’s great to see the series making a comeback after a small first wave. Sure there were some repaints in that series, but it worked out to include only a few of the original designs. Power Lords originally hailed from the now defunct Revell, way back in 1983. It was always something of a niche line, and only lasted two waves, if I recall correctly. Still, it was one of my favorites and is remembered fondly by fans.

It never quite caught on the way I personally think it should have though. The short-lived series’ offered some of the most imaginative alien designs in any toy line, which resulted in some super cool figures. And now that the Horsemen are taking another stab at reviving PL, they’re exploring all of those and then some.

We’re getting some figures that I definitely don’t remember being made before. But don’t worry, as you’ll see in the gallery, there are some old favorites as well. Check ’em out below.

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