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Anime fighters collide in BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle trailer

Fighters from several notable games and anime will duke it out in an upcoming title developed by Arc System Works.

The Facts

In a trailer released July 16 during EVO 2017, Arc System Works teased a new cross over fighter currently in development. The game will include characters from the “BlazeBlue,” “Persona 4: Arena” and “Undernight: Inbirth” games, as well as characters from the “RWBY” animated series by Rooster Teeth. The game currently has a 2018 release window.

Author’s Take

Of all the series that would be in a cross over game, these certainly weren’t the first that came to mind. All the same, it’s one of the coolest surprises to come out of EVO 2017 and there’ll be plenty of fans – myself included – clamoring for more information on it in the coming months.



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