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Nintendo ends New Nintendo 3DS production worldwide

The standard model of the upgraded 3DS has ceased all production in Japan and Europe.

The Facts

According to text from Nintendo’s official Japanese website translated by Kotaku on July 13, the standard model of the New 3DS is no longer in production in Japan. This was followed by a report by Polygon that the system would cease production in Europe as well. In both cases, the New 3DS XL was confirmed to still be in production in all regions.

Though the variation of the portable console was originally unavailable in the U.S., it was later released with several special themed models such as the “Super Mario 3D Land” and “Pokemon Red” and “Blue” bundles. With production ending in the regions where it was manufactured, however, the console will no longer be available in North America once the remaining stock is exhausted.

This news comes two weeks before the launch of the 2DS XL, a model built without a 3D screen and priced at $149.99.

Author’s Take

Between the portability of the Nintendo Switch and the release of the 2DS XL, it’s no surprise Nintendo is backing away from support for the New 3DS. It’s sad to see it go, but at least the company hasn’t given up support for the DS line entirely yet.

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