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Chrono Crusade The Complete Series Episode One: ‘Sister Rosette’ (Anime Review/ Recap)

Disclaimer: Despite me owning the series on DVD I have decided to review each episode separately.

Not Just Your Average Sister

Rosette Christopher (Hilary Haag) and her partner Chrono (Greg Ayres) are part of the Order of Magdalene- A church military organization responsible for exterminating monsters and exorcising demons and devils.

Rosette and Chrono

Rosette is an impulsive and loud young woman but forever remains optimistic despite making mistakes.

In 1928 Brooklyn, New York Chrono, and Rosette are shown to be sleeping in a car as it rains. They get a telephone call from a woman named Sister Kate Valentine (Laura Chapman) who assigns them an emergency mission at East Side to rescue hostages at a local restaurant, and informs them of the possibility of a failed summoning.

Stern Sister Kate

After coming across a summoning circle the duo is confronted by the demons in question, and Rosette vanquishes them with the use of a Sacred- a bullet that contains holy water.

The mission comes to an end but not without its consequences. The battle caused the whole restaurant to be destroyed due to Rosette making mistakes, which she is later reprimanded for by Sister Kate. Sister Kate also suggests that Chrono could be a problem however, Rosette defends him and takes all of the responsibility for what happened.

Father Remington

As Rosette is about to exit Sister Kate’s office she bumps into the handsome Father Ewan Remington (Jason Douglas) who is much more softer towards her. Later, Sister Kate shares with Remington that she feels uneasy about Chrono and while Father Remington is understanding of her feelings he reminds her that Chrono still has a heart.

Rosette’s Dream And Chrono’s Encouragement

Encouraging Rosette

News of Rosette’s mistakes on the mission spreads fast among the other sisters which are greatly exaggerated. The sisters make a comment that they don’t want to team up with Rosette. While this bothers her, Rosette deflects the comment by saying to Chrono that if the sisters asked to team up with her she’d turn them down herself.

Chrono, however, is well liked by the other sisters due to his gentle personality and being soft spoken.

Rosette shares with Chrono the dream she had the night before heading to East Side for the mission about her brother Joshua. Chrono listens to her and says that it’s not like her to get discouraged. Feeling cheered up by his words Rosette thanks him.

Power of The Gospel

Rosette and Chrono are then greeted by Elder (John Swasey) a perverted scientist in the Order of Magdalene.

Creepily introducing the Gospel Bullet

He introduces them to a new bullet he developed called the Gospel. He says that it’s much stronger than the Sacred as it’s created with silver and magic. He wanted Rosette to test it out, but since she called him a perverted old man he teases that he has second thoughts.

Soon Rosette and Chrono are assigned another mission by Sister Kate that takes place on a ship. They are confronted by a devil which more powerful than the demon they faced earlier in the episode. Rosette frantically tries to fight the devil by using her sacred bullets however it just barely causes damage.

Seeing that she is cornered and in trouble, Chrono throws the Gospel bullet to Rosette which he took from Elder without him knowing. Rosette uses the new bullet with ease and the devil is defeated.

Once again the battle causes great destruction and destroys the ship. The episode ends in a comedy fashion with Rosette yelling at Chrono.

Final Thoughts

Having watched Chrono Crusade years ago it is definitely a must see anime. At the time I didn’t notice how much of a mixed bag the English voice acting was, as I was so enthralled by the story, music and beautiful animation. Now re-watching the series years later I wanted to do a little comparison to see what is pleasing to my ears and found that the Japanese voice acting was more enjoyable.

Even though the English voice acting was not a favourite, it was by no means a hindrance to the story.

Due to personal preference I may just continue to watch it subtitled going forward.




A Must see

Story - 81%
Animation - 80%
Voice acting (English) - 61%
Music - 80%
Japanese voice acting - 81%


Watch it

While it has it's hiccups with the voice acting, it by no means hinders the story.

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