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Wrap up in this Legend of Zelda ‘cartridge’ throw

Ever wondered what it would be like to wrap yourself in a NES cart? No? Well this Zelda throw looks pretty comfy anyway.

The legend of warmth

With a good chunk of the world heading into Summer, a throw might not be foremost on your mind. Just think of those frosty weekend mornings though. You know- air conditioner on, coffee in hand, video game all set to be played. It can get chilly, and let’s be honest, you’re not gonna turn off that AC. Sounds like the perfect time for a comfortable, yet lightweight blanket.

That’s where this comes in. It’s a freshly posted pre-order from our pals at Entertainment Earth, and at $24.99 USD, it’s not at a bad price either. It’s as fashionable as all get-out too. I mean, it’s cast in gold fabric and everything. Come on.

Who knew storage media could look so good? The Legend of Zelda Gold Cartridge Throw brings the iconic plastic game pack of old and brings it in a softer, more decorative format. While not playable, this attractive blanket will keep you warm and look fantastic in your house. Pre-order yours today!
Legend of Zelda Gold Cartridge Throw
Legend of Zelda Gold Cartridge Throw

Coming in June 2017 (details)
Pre-Order now and we’ll deliver in June 2017 (estimated date / subject to change).
Item Number: BW64924

Price: $24.99

Quantity: 1

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