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The Far Cry 5 Reveal Trailer is Nuts

The official announcement trailer for Far Cry 5 has arrived, and as per usual Far Cry 5 style, it is pretty over the top.

The beginning images of the trailer are pretty disturbing. You might wonder why these people are acting so unhinged, but then the crazy antagonist that Far Cry is known for kicks in. Through his narration, you get the feeling that something is at force making the setting, Hope County, something a little more than sinister.

Throughout the trailer, we get the impression that a cult has taken over this town. A few other trailers showcase members of the resistance who will in all likelihood be ally characters in the full game.

When the setting of Montana was revealed earlier in the week, I was pretty skeptical. I can say now, though, that I am more than excited for this game’s release.

During the trailer, we see a bear chasing a man, tons of vehicles including a plane and helicopter, and more domestic animals like bulls and cows.

Hopefully, Far Cry 5 can rise above the manufactured controversy and standout as a great game in the beginning of 2018. I know I sure hope it does.

Far Cry 5 is expected to release in February 2018. Take a look at the trailers below, and this developer interview, here.

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