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Tokyo 42 Release Date Announced

A release date has been announced for Tokyo 42, an isometric open-world shooter currently being developed by SMAC and published by Frozen Synapse and Frozen Cortex developer Mode 7 Games.  The game is coming to PC and Xbox One on May 31st, with a PS4 release being slated for some time in Mid-July.

Tokyo 42 sees you playing as someone who has been framed for murder, and delving into a dark underworld of assassins and intrigue.  You’ll need to use skillful shots and stealth techniques in order to survive.  The ability to rotate the camera and see a different view of the world is essential as you plot your next move or try and escape quickly.

We got some hands on time with the game at EGX Rezzed recently and it seems to be coming along nicely.  If you’re in a hurry, the video below shows 4.2 seconds of the game and what to expect.

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