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Serenity #5 (comic) Review

Kidnappings, that’s just another day aboard the Serenity. Only difference is, they’re not used to it being one of their own. See how Mal gets everyone out of trouble in Serenity #5.

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Hairy Heroism

Serenity #5So Mal gets Bea back from Alliance custody, only to have River go rogue, and lose Iris in the process. River and Iris’ kidnapper is at Burnet Spaceport, throwing her weight around about being a respected member of society. Her position allows her to do whatever she wants, so-on and so-forth. Meanwhile, River wakes up in what appears to be a jail cell. She’s got blood on her hands, and is having nightmarish recollections of what went on aboard the Serenity. She can recall everything clearly, though it was like she wasn’t in command of her faculties.

The person in the cell with her seems familiar with what has happened, and begins to explain behavioral conditioning to her. How a simple word, can trigger an action that will shut down part of her brain, making her a passenger in her own existence. Just then a companion enters the room, and tells River and her roommate the she is there to teach them how women of different cultures live. They will learn to blend in to different scenarios.

Communications Gone Awry

Serenity #5-2
Kalista, our kidnapper, is on a call with an Alliance officer about the detained Iris escaping, when things are interrupted. Apparently Captain Mal Reynolds has decided to pay Kalista a visit. While Kalista has a weapon trained on our dear Captain’s cranial features, Bea and the Serenity crew are blending in with the workmen. Mal admits to Kalista that he’s aware she is here for Bea, and he knows that Kalista has River and Iris. According to Mal, Mericourt’s operation is small-time. If she is willing to bargain and return River and Iris, Mal will spill the beans on the real plans that the Peacemakers are working on.

Kalista thinks she’s one sly fox, and threatens to take Mal into custody. She feels she could easily torture the information out of our favorite captain. However she knows not, of the trick up his sleeve. There is an explosion behind her, and suddenly Serenity and the rebels have the upper hand.

The Search Begins

Mericourt is going ahead with whatever secret plan they have. Mal and his crew have been the distraction they have been waiting for. At the same time, Mal and Kalista have resorted to fistacuffs to try and intimidate each other. Sadly for Mal, Kalista is better trained, and makes quick work of subduing Reynolds. Zoe and Inara are snooping around looking for River and Iris, when Inara is met by an old companion friend, Ceres.


You never really know what’s going to happen when the crew of the Serenity are in the picture. Jayne may just blow something up, or Inara may use a connection so schmooze her way into an elite party. Seeing the group split up brings mixed feelings, because no one wants to see these guys on the losing side of a coin toss.

Serenity #5

Writer: Chris Roberson
Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Inker: Karl Story
Colorist: Wes Dzioba
Cover Artist: Dan Dos Santos

Mal's Misfortune

Plot - 86%
Writing - 89%
Art - 91%



Mal lost one person to kidnapping, and another to brainwashing. Something's going wrong here, and it's going to take more than brute force to sort through it. How will Inara and Zoe save the day? You'll have to pick up Serenity #6 to find out.

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