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Ether #4 (comic) Review

Leaving Glum behind, we get to see some flashbacks spent in the Ether. Could there be a secret to unfold here? Find out why in Ether #4.

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Ethereal Flashbacks

We are shown a flashback of Boone’s wife Hazel at the impressionable age of 12. Spending time with his favorite granny. Granny told stories from old books. Magical books. So many enjoyable times. Granny had lots of rooms off-limits to Hazel. Too dangerous or strange for a young persons eyes. However granny was getting old, and forgot to lock everything up tight. That is indeed unfortunate.

ether #4Inside the off-limits room, Hazel found a key. And, as kids do, she had to figure out what it was to. And she did precisely that. If anyone had told her what was to be found, she wouldn’t believe it. Granny’s key was to the cellar, with the door outside the house. Once inside, it was dark and foreboding. And there is a strange well, hidden beneath granny’s house. Nothing is scarier when you mistakenly fall down a well. Even worse, if it is a supernatural well.

Terrifying Travels

Expecting to have died, imagine the surprise when you stand up, and everything you know is flipped on its head. The sky is red, the ground is purple. And you are greeted by someone who looks like a giant gorilla on two legs! This giant gorilla (who we’ve come to know as Glum) sets off to get Hazel sen’t back to the city, as she does not have the correct documentation for travel.

Hazel believes she is going to be sent back to New York City, or some other major hub. Though where she finds herself is in a major city of this otherworldy place. We do not know the city’s name, though it is not exactly a welcoming place for unknowing visitors. We are introduced to a man known simply as Ubel, and given a glimpse into what sort of person he is. Ubel and Glum disagree on a few details, and we learn a bit more about the makeup of the Ether. Pick up your copy of Ether #4 to see why granny kept that cellar locked, after all.

Twists & Turns

Matt Kindt definately keeps us on our toes with Ether so far. A guardian gorilla. A bird who’s song is inebriating. And that is just as we get into town. On top of that, we have seen fairy-like peoples, and evildoers as well. And now the Ether presents a new challenge, that even Boone does not understand. And What is Ubel really up to there? The Ether certainly seems like a place that needs a tour guide, for your first visit.

Ether #4 hits store shelves on February 15, 2017.

Ether #4

Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: David Rubin
Cover Artist: David Rubin

Terrifying Travels

Plot: Flashbacks to traveling in another world - 91%
Writing: No one likes to be lost, let alone so far from home. - 85%
Art: Rubin's drawings make you never want to fare the Ether alone. - 85%



We learn more about Hazel, who is an important source for Boone, though there are still questions unanswered. What is really going on in the Ether, and why is it so dangerous? We will have to wait until Ether #5 to find out more.

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