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Foundation Update Announced for No Man’s Sky

While the landscape is beautiful, being able to teraform an alien planet would be amazing.

No Man’s Sky Foundation Update hints at the future of the game.

It’s hard to find someone in the sphere of gaming that hasn’t heard about No Man’s Sky. Hello Game’s ambitious project is now rather synonymous with failing to meet expectations and promises. Dozens upon dozens of features that were advertised didn’t make it into the game. Despite this, Hello Games has not abandoned No Man’s Sky, as an update has been announced. The Foundation Update, which has not been fully revealed as of yet but has been summarized

The Foundation Update will focus, for the most part, on base building. To what extent this will be possible is not yet clear at the moment. Something that has been made clear with the Foundation Update, however, is that Hello Games is not done with No Man’s Sky.

They have made it clear that No Man’s Sky will be undergoing severe retooling. The Foundation Update, fittingly, will act as the foundation for it. They have been light on details, but they have assured two major things. That they are listening to feedback and that they are deeply passionate about No Man’s Sky. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes, but Hello Games has their work cut out for them.

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