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Ditto Added to Pokemon Go At Last

Ditto finally makes an appearance.

Quite a few people have been making jokes regarding Ditto Pokemon Go, specifically about its lack of a presence. It is unique among Pokemon in that it can assume the shape of other Pokemon. Because of this, the popular joke is that it actually was in the game all along. Everyone just didn’t realize it. In fact, some people have gone so far as to joke that it was the only Pokemon that was actually in the game. While things haven’t gone that far, Ditto is finally in Pokemon Go, and these jokes had a point.

Ditto does not take its default appearance when appearing in the wild, instead taking on another form. Only when it is caught does it take on its true form. Anyone who wishes to catch a Ditto will either need to get lucky, or have to catch most of the Pokemon they encounter. Fans could potentially see this as either frustrating or charming.  We’ll have to see which.

In battle, Ditto has not changed very much. It takes on the form of the first Pokemon it faces in gym battles, gaining that form for the battle. One thing that will prove important in the long run is how powerful it is overall. Its combat capability will be the deciding factor on whether it is an amusement, or a powerful staple. Either way, fans seem pleased to be pleased that they are closer to being able to catch em all.

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