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New Trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda

It only seems fitting on November 7th, also known as N7 Day, that Bioware and EA release the first trailer detailing the story of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Beyond the Milky Way onto Andromeda

For one reason or another, it has been decided that humanity needs to travel to our neighboring galaxy, Andromeda. This decision comes after the Milky Way was almost destroyed by the Reapers.

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, players will take on the role of a ‘Pathfinder.’ This role is a designation for the group of explorers whose mission is to find a peaceful place for humanity in this alien galaxy. Only things do not go as planned, big surprise, and this group is now tasked with simply surviving. Perhaps the new enemy in Andromeda is humanity. Mass Effect: Andromeda is set for release in spring 2017.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

This trailer looks amazing. Plenty to be left to the imagination. There are also reports floating around that the game will support some sort of multiplayer, not sure if it is competitive or cooperative. Let’s us know what you think of the trailer in the comments below.

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