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Venom #1 (Comics) Preview

No more Mr. Nice Symbiote. One of Spider-Man’s nastiest villains is back to being just that with the new Venom solo series.

Venom is back, and he’s bad

It’s been a good long time since that other wall-crawling menace has been the big bad that Spidey fans know and love. For quite some time actually, he’s been anything but.

Even while still worn by psycho Eddie Brock, the symbiote turned face in the late 90s for a bit, and became the Lethal Protector. After that, he faded away for a while. Brock shed the living-costume and the former Scorpion (Mac Gargan) stepped in. He’s kind of become a footnote though I think. Honestly, his run wasn’t all that interesting.

Post-Gargan, the villain turned full-on good guy with Flash Thompson donning the suit. He even headed into deep space recently and joined up with the Guardians of the Galaxy for stint. Now though, well it sounds like even the Guardians wouldn’t want him as a teammate.

This November, it’s good to be bad. From the far reaches of space the symbiote returns to the choked alleys and darkened streets of New York City in the all-new VENOM #1! Fan-Favorite creators Mike Costa (Web Warriors) and Gerardo Sandoval (New Avengers) spin an iconic new Venom tale for Marvel NOW!. No more “Agent of the Cosmos”, no more “Lethal Protector”. It’s time for a new Venom. But the question remains, who’s under the mask? More importantly – who’s in control? Find out as Venom begins anew on November 23rd in the highly anticipated debut of VENOM #1!

A Venom by any other name

Just about nothing wrong with that synopsis there. Still, the question does remain- who is in the suit?

I doubt it’s Eddie Brock. And it seems as though he may be right there on the cover of the new book, with that guy in the upper left and top-center. See him? He’s sleeping, and then looking kind of… rattled with a half Venom face.

That’s more than likely the inheritor of the symbiote. Just how he gets it though, and how Flash loses control, is a pretty big mystery. Now, it is kind of a drag that the character isn’t being brought back in his original form. If you’re a relatively new Marvel fan, then chances are that you won’t mind, but for a long time follower like myself, well, I wanted Brock.

But while seeing him back in black would have made me all kinds of happy, I’m honestly pretty thrilled just knowing that Venom is back at all.

Scroll down for the unlettered preview.

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