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Travel Marvel Comics’ cosmos with Insight Editions’ new book

Ever wanted to go to Wakanda? How about the Savage Land? Well, now you can true believers (sort of)! And it’s all thanks to publisher Insight Editions.

See the Marvel (comics) Cosmos

You might already know where this is going if you’re a fan of Insight Editions, one of the very best publishers of fantasy and comic book related stuff out there at the moment. Basically though, they publish a line of books that function as travel guides to fictional locations.

I have one about Star Trek’s planet Vulcan, and it’s a fantastically in-depth look at the world. Sure it’s written as a travel guide for tourists, so there’s a gimmick there, no doubt. But it’s fantastically fun and there’s a ton of cool info in it too. The book digs into the lore of classic Vulcan and the Vulcan race itself. That’s something that any Trek fan can get into. I’d imagine it’s what we’re in for too with this new book- Hidden Universe Travel Guides: The Complete Marvel Cosmos.

And if you like your books jam-packed, well you’re in luck. Earth is most definitely included here, which you’d expect since Marvel’s version of our home planet is loaded with unique stuff. There’s way more though, like The Nine Realms from Thor’s mythology, New Attalan, “Planet X, Halfworld, Weirdworld, and the Planet of the Symbiotes”. Yep, like I said, there’s a lot info in here.

For this journey, you’ll need some Guardians

Taking you on this magical trip through the multiverse? The Guardians of the Galaxy of course. The super-team makes up the narration squad for the book, annotating the differing locales with info that you’ll need to know. While Peter Quill’s comments will be of the “snarky” variety though, it’s a little tough to figure what Groot will contribute to the tome. Though “I am Groot” comes to mind.

There should be more than enough to keep Marvel fans reading here. And if that Star Trek book I mentioned is anything to go by, then Hidden Universe Travel Guides: The Complete Marvel Cosmos will be one not to be missed. Look for it on books store shelves starting on October 25th.

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