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Lara’s here to being you some Nostalgia

Now if you’re anything like me and you’ve been gaming for longer than you’ve been able to walk; there’s a very high chance you’re going to have played a game for the original PlayStation called Tomb Raider II, and there’s a good chance you found it as good as I did. Those fond childhood memories of Lara Croft battling various enemies as she tries to find the Dagger Of Xian. Personally; the game sits as my all time favorite game and as you would imagine, I’ve been dying for a chance to play it again… This is where the online user Nicobass comes in! You see, Nicobass here is actually remaking the game for the PC! Yes that’s right, there’s a full HD Remake of Tomb Raider II currently in development and so far; the game looks better than I imagined!

Online user Nicobass is remaking Tomb Raider 2!
Online user Nicobass is remaking Tomb Raider 2!


The game was first shown off back in August over on the Tomb Raider forums, the thread can be found here and as you can see from the images; the game looks visually stunning! Now I advice against going and rushing to the developer asking for a release date since the development has only been running for a year and a half so I highly doubt there’s going to be a release date. However the official website which can be found here has a download page and on this page you can find there’s a Demo due to be released sometime this year, stating that the “Demo will be release in autumn 2016”.



Personally, I cannot wait to play this game and I will be following the development process very closely! So take it from me, if you’re a fan of the original Tomb Raider games and you happen to have a PC capable of gaming; you are going to want to check this out! Are you excited for this? Do you have mixed feelings? Voice your opinions below! Oh and remember! The dev team is just one person so please; don’t hound them for a release date! Just be patient, quality takes time (Looking at you EA)…

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