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Bloodshot Reborn #18 (Comics) Preview

Valiant’s unkillable action hero is on a roll, closing out Bloodshot Island and heading into Bloodshot USA with the pivotal Bloodshot Reborn #18.

Action, action and more action

For me anyway, there’s nothing to not dig about Bloodshot. Tons of action punctuate each issue in a book that’s as unpredictable as anything out there at present. Yep, I said ‘book’. I know that Valiant has been more apt to create mini-series than ongoings as a publisher, but Bloodshot’s saga is one that’s not really seen the character sans a monthly.

Yes, it might be named something different, or have a different tone than the one that preceded it, but Bloodshot has become one of the biggest heroes in the Valiant U, and you better believe he’ll be there on the racks most months. Thank goodness too, since I have yet to read a Bloodshot story that’s really let me down at all.

If you dig action, and plenty of blood & gore, then this is your character. And from the looks of things in this preview, neither Bloodshot Reborn #18 nor Bloodshot USA #1 are going to be changing that formula.


From the press release:

With BLOODSHOT U.S.A. just over the horizon, the most nominated series of the 2016 Harvey Awards is about to dive into the deep end!

Valiant is proud to present your first look inside BLOODSHOT REBORN #18 – a blood-stained epilogue to “BLOODSHOT ISLAND” from New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire (Moon Knight, Old Man Logan) and Valiant’s latest exclusive superstar, Tomas Giorello (4001 A.D.: WAR MOTHER)! Before BLOODSHOT U.S.A. #1  grips New York with infection, fear, and panic on October 26th, jump on board the series nominated for Best WriterBest ArtistBest Continuing Series, and much more at the 2016 Harvey Awards with a searing standalone tale perfect for new readers!

Ray Garrison and a battered team of survivors have made their escape from BLOODSHOT ISLAND…only to drift straight into shark-infested waters! Marooned in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with no defenses except the relentless will to survive, will the highly trained team of killers aboard this life raft band together…or throw each other to the prehistoric predators below? And, if they don’t kill each other first, will mother nature finish the job?’

On October 5th, come aboard with Jeff Lemire and Tomas Giorello as they send Bloodshot on a carnage-filled cruise headed straight for BLOODSHOT U.S.A.! There will be blood in the water when Valiant’s nanite-enhanced commandos enter uncharted territory, only in BLOODSHOT REBORN #18 – featuring covers by Stephen Segovia (Wolverine), Adam Gorham (DEAD DROP), Andres Guinaldo(Justice League Dark), Brian Level (The Mantle) and Robert Gill (X-O MANOWAR)!

Then, two weeks later on October 26thJeff Lemire and Doug Braithwaite unleash a pathogen-fueled wave of violence onto the streets of New York in BLOODSHOT U.S.A. #1 (of 4) – the FIRST ISSUE of the explosive standalone event roaring out of “THE FUTURE OF VALIANT“ initiative!

Project Rising Spirit – America’s greatest exporter of classified weapons technology – has achieved a breakthrough: a contagious, airborne nanite dispersion prototype that can turn the population of any city into an army of indestructible soldiers. A doomsday virus capable of destroying an enemy nation from the inside out. A machine-made pathogen that can completely rewrite human physiology…and hardcode every man, woman, and child with the same cutting-edge technology that created their greatest weapon: Bloodshot.

But now…Project Rising Spirit’s top-secret contagion has been released onto the streets of America’s greatest metropolis: New York City. As mayhem engulfs Manhattan, Bloodshot must lead the most dangerous invasion ever waged on American soil and keep a runaway pandemic from toppling armies and governments…and threatening to destroy humanity itself.

On October 26th, the Big Apple turns blood red, only in BLOODSHOT U.S.A. #1 (of 4) – featuring covers by Kano (Gotham Central), Doug Braithwaite (NINJAK), Dave Johnson (Superman: Red Son), Ryan Stegman (Uncanny Avengers), Cully Hamner (Detective Comics), and Butch Guice (Captain America)!

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