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Bop your buds with these foam Harley Quinn weapons

Straight from Factory Entertainment and the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, Harley Quinn’s bat and hammer are coming to the company’s foam weapon line.

SWAT is the official name of the line that these two role-play weapons belong to, but were not talking about anything deadly here, as the name stands for Soft Weapons and Tactics. And while you’re not too likely to injure anyone with these bad boys (or should I say ‘bad girls”?), they are likely to look pretty awesome in your DC Comics-related collection.

Say ‘hi’ to Harley Quinn’s Good Night Bat and Harley Quinn’s Mallet:

Both weapon dupes are crafted in soft materials, and should be pretty safe for just about anywhere you’d like to swing ’em around (I still wouldn’t swing either of them too hard at anyone though). They’re made with almost all ages in mind too, with a stage of 8 and up attached, and have a feature that you can’t see int eh images above- sound effects.

Much like the rest of the toys in the line that they’re joining, both the bat and the hammer have built-in effects for both swinging and impacts. And it’s a really neat-o gimmick too. I had the chance to see the batarang and Wonder Woman’s sword first hand at Toy Fair this past February, and I can attest to how cool the line looks and feels, not to mention how freaking detailed for this kind of thing they were. Very impressive stuff… not to mention fun.

Both items are available for pre-order right now (here) and should be shipping out this Summer. Also, for a limited time, you can get in on a contest to win yourself a whole arsenal of SWAT weapons (including the Batman v Superman set). So watch for that on their website as well.

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