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Tom Clancy’s The Division : Sleeper Agent Edition Unboxing

My hopes were well and truly fulfilled when this bundle of joy arrived, on release day, unfortunately, due to a nasty case of laryngitis, I was unable to make a video unboxing, but I would not leave my fans dissatisfied, so here is the unboxing in images, I hope you all enjoy :).

Love at first sight, this box could be the most beautiful box I’ve ever seen, the imaging goes perfectly with the premise of the game, and the colours are bold, and pleasing to the eye.


After sliding open the box, you are greeted with all the goodies promised with the preorder; the watch, the art book, the arm band, games codes, the game itself and a large promotional poster. I will talk about each item and post the photos as promised above.








Let’s start with the watch. Like no other watch, this watch is a replica of ISAC, the watch your agent wears that allows you access to maps, and to communicate with your team. The watch comes in a classy looking black box with the SHD Logo on, it also comes with its own instruction manual for programming, links to extend the length of the wristband and a spare battery which I was rather impressed with. The back light is the bright orange that is consistent with the games colour scheme, and the watch is of a substantial weight and size that it could of been sold alone for what you paid for the edition at pre-order. It has the obvious time mode on it, and also has a programmable stopwatch and timer, and an special ghost mode, where the back light stays off allowing you to see the time, but not be detected, by pesky rioters or any other passers by in the real world. (Handy if you need it).

Modelled by my very kind fiance


Art Book
Arm Band

Next up we have the arm band, now I’m not entirely sure that a man of a bulkier build than a teenager could wear this, but as a women it fits just nicely around my arm, and I’m going to use it to carry my mp3 player and mobile phone at the gym. It’s purpose could be for many similar things, but as I say, it is on the smaller side. Nicely decorative with the SHD Logo again, and colour co-ordinated orange zips, its a nice little pouch, and a nice commemorative item to go with the game.

The art book is pretty much as it says on the tin, contains some really details graphics from the game, and is well presented in a small square, hard backed book. The poster is also pretty basic, around A3 size, portrait view.

For all intents and purposes, the price was definitely well and truly worth it for the content and season pass inclusion alone, let alone the merch that came with the Sleeper Agent Edition, so I would say I am a very satisfied customer, and I hope all the other Sleeper Agents out there agree.


Please check out my review of the full game here, and hit up the comments.

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