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In case you missed it, Warner Bros announced 4 new Kombatants for MKX

A quartet of new fighters are entering the arena of Mortal Kombat X, as Warner Bros and NetherRealm announced last week; including a xenomorph to battle the already-included Predator.

Well, that was pretty interesting, no? Actually announced  last week (we missed it at the time), this new Kombat Pack adds in some pretty amazing new characters to the MKX experience.

First, we get the return of the classic Mortal Kombat drunk Bo Rai Cho. But that’s not the only character that’s returning in a way, as Cyrax, Sektor and Robot Smoke are also back in an amalgam form with Tri-Borg. And then there’s Leatherface, who continues the horror movie list of fighters that’ve been making their appearances in NeatherRealm’s games, and the Alien itself- the xenomorph.

I love that Warners and NetherRealm is rolling along with these special guest appearances in Mortal Kombat. They work so well, and give players a chance to play as a character that they probably wouldn’t get to use in a fighting game otherwise. I think it slap really opens the door to a game that could be solely made up of horror characters, which would also be a pretty great thing.

Here’s to hoping. As for the Kombat Pack 2, you can look for that to hit for MKX some time in 2016.

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