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Sony Paris Games Week Press Conference Live

All the latest from Planet Playstation, right here- right now!


Uncharted 4?  Last Guardian?  Michel Ancel’s Wild?  No Man Sky release date?  There’s no telling what we’ll see today at Sony’s Paris Games Week Press Conference, but we’ll be telling you when we do- right here!


All times PT.

9:53am: A few demoing PSN titles are sent off stage- looks like the going’s about to get going!

9:55am: “Ladies and gentlemen…”  Just kidding- 5 more minutes!

10:00am: Sitting here hoping for more on Gravity Rush 2…and more on my Vita!  Music’s fading-let’s make it happen!

10:02am: Jim Ryan comes to the stage after a Sony Hype is Real sizzle trailer.

10:04am: “Tonight is all about games.”  Especially if that sizzle reel is to be believed.

10:06am: Just a quick reminder that PS4 Black Ops III gets DLC 30 days before other platforms.

10:08am: Quick trailer shows of Giant Zombie Bonus Map.  Moving onto Battlefront.

10:10am: Battlefront trailer is a keen reminder that the game looks beautiful and John Williams is a master, and we also get to see the announced hero characters.

10:11am: PS4 console exclusive that helped establish PS brand in the 90s: Street Fighter V trailer.

10:12am: Welcome back, Dhalsim!

10:14am: Yoshinori Ono comes to the stage as only he can- not a bad Halloween accessory.

10:17am: Febuary 16, 2016 launch date.  Last character-

10:18am: Harada from Tekken comes to stage.  Love these two.

10:19am: Scratch that- next character will be announced later.  Harada ensures we write in our headlines that he will appear in Street Fighter V.  I wish.

10:20am: Tekken 7 coming to PS4.

10:21am: New trailer starts up.  Sizzle reel of Tekken history.  Quick snippets of gameplay and Heihachi sheds a tear.

10:24am: Battleborn trailer shows some of its modes, characters.

10:25am: PS4 will get open-beta access next year.

10:27am: Some sort of Minecraftian title with portals on display- “Boundless.” PS4 exclusive.

10:28am: A “new type of music game,” Vector is shown off by developers in a video.  2016.

10:30am: No Man’s Sky with narration.  Come on, release date!

10:31am: June 2016.  Close enough, I guess!

10:32am: For Housemarque’s 20th Anniversary, PS4 Exclusive Matterfall is on display.  Very slick cinematic trailer of a sci-fi shooting game.

10:34am: Ratchet and Clank trailer for the previously announced game.

10:35am: Followed by Guerrilla Games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn.  Craft “new weapons, new ammo, and new outfits” with resources gained from enemies slain.

10:41am: Tense fight against Thunder Jaw concludes.  Bloodborne DLC trailer begins.  November 24th release date for the DLC.

10:43am: DriveClub motorcycles being shown off in a new trailer.

10:44am: New MP events, challenges, and campaign tour.  Either an expansion pack or standalone game.  “No need to wait:” available as soon as the show ends.

10:45am: Gravity Rush 2’s Creative Director Keiichiro Toyama comes to the stage.

10:46am: Three different gravity styles should change up the combat.  Trailer shown.

10:48am: Christophe Balestra comes to the stage next to show off Naughty Dog.  Talking Multiplayer: rope mechanic present, as are sidekick NPCS and mystical powers. Play March 18, 2016 Uncharted 4.  MP Beta December 4-13 this year.  MP trailer.

10:52am: Media Molecule name dropped.  Dreams incoming.

10:57am: Actual gameplay demo shows off player ability to possess characters and create on the fly.  Dreams can feature traditional “racing, platforming, sandbox, puzzles” etc. or be creation based, like the one shown in the demo.

11:01am: Dreams is trippy, and I can’t wait to see what the player community makes out of this insane game.  A beta is coming out 2016.

11:02am: Shuhei Yoshida coming to the stage.

11:03am: Playstation VR is up.  Media quotes on display- where’s Brutal Gamer??

11:05am: Rigs trailer looks sick- definitely got that sports feel.  Commentary seems on point.  Hoping that commentary is in game.  Coupled with the VR, Rigs could really put you in the game.

11:08am: Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Playstation VR exclusive announced.  Not sure I could sit through something that freaky on VR.

11:08am: Crytech’s coming to the stage after Yoshida talks about 3rd party partners for PSVR.

11:09am: “Brand new VR game” called Robinson: The Journey.  Trailer is up.

11:12am: Dinosaurs and some humor.  Looks fun.  Makes me want to try out the Playstation VR for myself.

11:13am: Battle Zone shown off for Playstation VR.  Tanks shooting things with really colorful style.  “First on PSVR.”

11:15am: Showing off “The Walk” Experience (based on the movie).  People are exhilarated.  Almost have heart attacks.

11:15am: Over 200 developers working on PSVR.  Sizzle reel time.

11:17am: Pretty sure I saw FFXIV Heavensward in there.

11:18am: Tekken 7 on PSVR.  Polyphony Digital showing off Gran Turismo Sport for PS4.   Kinda want to play it on PSVR now with a wheel.

11:22am: Two flagship championships throughout the year in GT Sport.  The “Nations Cup,” where players represent their home country, and “Manufacturer Fan Club,” where players represent brands.

11:26am: GT Sport will start beta testing early 2016.

11:26am: Speaking of, confirmed to be on PSVR.

11:28am: Michel Ancel’s Wild.  The man himself is on stage.

11:35am: Demo shows off animal-possession, snake deities, and combat versus cannibals.  Wild is looking sick, but is still early in development.

11:36am: Quantic Dream’s David Cage hits the stage.  “What does it mean to be human?” Android Robot Kara comes back- and leaves the factory.

11:41am: Detroit: Become Human.

11:42: “Thank you, and goodnight.” Cue sizzle reel, cue the end of the ride.  Thanks for joining us!

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