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Shadowgate creaks open on iPad

The revamped Mac and NES classic is now available for iPad, and just in time for a Halloween quest through the darkened halls of Shadowgate.

Tough and unrelenting, Shadowgate is one of the all-time great dungeon crawls. The redone version of the game offers way more than the original too, with a better narrative, vastly improved visuals, and customizable controls. Now tailored to the touch-interface of iOS, it’s evolved even further – all while keeping what made the original so great intact.

 “Back in 1987 when we launched the original Shadowgate as part of the MacVenture series on the original Apple Macintosh, it’s almost serendipitous that we can bring our re-imagined project to challenge a whole new generation of adventure gamers,” states David Marsh, Co-founder at Zojoi. “When we designed the new Shadowgate, we definitely thought how perfect it would be to play this game on the iPad.”

IF you played the PC and Mac re-release, which didn’t hit all that long ago, then you pretty much know what to expect here, but here’s the rundown of what’s included:

  • First Person Adventuring: Unique gameplay mechanics that made the original Shadowgate such a classic, complete with three different difficulty settings that change the gameplay experience and puzzle structure
  • Breathtaking Imagery: Gorgeous hand-painted visuals re-imagined for a new generation of adventurers, complete with all new environmental and object-specific animations and particle effects
  • Tools of Adventure: A bevy of objects, spells, an all-new mapping system, and customizable user interface so players can choose between classic on-screen commands or use modern a modern-wheel icon system
  • Mind-bending Puzzles: Loads of all new rooms as well as revamped locations from the original, and a ton of new and fully updated puzzles to solve
  • Cinematic Storytelling: Shadowgate features dramatic cut-scenes and all the same great storytelling you expect from the original creators with a rich dynamic soundtrack by composer Rich Douglas
  • Atmospheric Music: Choose between the dynamic new cinematic score or the original retro 8-bit NES classic soundtrack by Hiroyuki Masuno
  • The Dread Pumpkin Quest: In time for Halloween, find and free the Dread Pumpkin – a tribute to the holiday figure, the Great Pumpkin
  • Achievement Awards: Dozens of in-game achievements to find and unlock, compelling cut-scenes, and deep storytelling make this re-imagining feel and play like a truly classic Shadowgate experience

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