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Hop in the wayback machine, all the way back to ’92 with these Marvel variants

If you’re a comic fan from one of the medium’s most recent of heydays, then you’re probably going like what Marvel is cooking up for a set of variant covers coming to shops this December.

The early 1990s were quite a time for comic books, loaded up with big stories featuring some of the most iconic versions of the most popular heroes around. Apparently, that’s something that Marvel looks back on fondly as well, as the era has already spawned the X-Men ’92 book that’s a part of Secret Wars.

And that’s doubly true as now they’ve announced that they’ll  be printing up a whole line of variant covers to their lineup of comics due to hit stands in December.

Here’s your checklist:

1.      ALL-NEW X-MEN #3 Marvel ’92 Variant by Rob Liefeld

2.      ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #3 Marvel ’92 Variant by Tom Raney

3.      A-FORCE #1 Marvel ’92 Variant by J. Scott Campbell

4.      BLACK KNIGHT #2 Marvel ’92 Variant by Steve Epting

5.      CARNAGE #3 Marvel ’92 Variant by Mike Deodato

6.      DAREDEVIL #1 Marvel ’92 Variant by Larry Stroman

7.      DEADPOOL #3 Marvel ’92 Variant by Rob Liefeld

8.      DOCTOR STRANGE #3 Marvel ’92 Variant by Mark Texeira

9.      DRAX #2 Marvel ’92 Variant by Ron Lim

10.  GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #3 Marvel ’92 Variant by Larry Stroman

11.  GUARDIANS OF INFINITY #1 Marvel ’92 Variant by Ron Lim

12.  HERCULES #2 Marvel ’92 Variant by Mark Texeira

13.  MIGHTY THOR #2 Marvel ’92 Variant by Ron Frenz

14.  MS. MARVEL #2 Marvel ’92 Variant by J. Scott Campbell

15.  NEW AVENGERS #4 Marvel ’92 Variant by Tom Raney

16.  NOVA #2 Marvel ’92 Variant by Pasqual Ferry

17.  SCARLET WITCH #1 Marvel ’92 Variant by TBD

18.  SILK #2 Marvel ’92 Variant by TBD

19.  SPIDER-MAN 2099 #4 Marvel ’92 Variant by Pasqual Ferry

20.  TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #1 Marvel ’92 Variant by Dale Keown

21.  UNCANNY AVENGERS #3 Marvel ’92 Variant by Whilce Portacio

22.  UNCANNY INHUMANS #3 Marvel ’92 Variant by Whilce Portacio

23.  WEB WARRIORS #2 Marvel ’92 Variant by Mark Bagley

24.  VISION #2 Marvel ’92 Variant by Dale Keown

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