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Here’s a Look at SUPERHYPERCUBE: a Project Morpheus Exclusive

Finally some news about games coming to Project Morpheus! SUPERHYPERCUBE is coming exclusively to Project Morpheus.

KOKOROMI is the development team/art collective behind the 80’s, retro-futuristic trippy SUPERHYPERCUBE. A first-person puzzler, SUPERHYPERCUBE was designed from the beginning to be played in 3-D and its full potential as a game has been realized via Project Morpheus. A beautiful and bright game that is as much art as it is game, the colors and movement are intoxicating.

Please visit the PlayStation blog to read more about the development team’s incredible journey in creating this game. Enjoy the E3 trailer below.


This is just one of the games that Sony has in development for Project Morpheus and I’m sure will be seeing more rolled out the closer we get to release date. A very exciting time for VR enthusiasts!

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