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Medco unleashes the first look at its 12″ Sub Zero figure from MKX

We’ve already seen what the 7″ Mortal Kombat figures from Mezco Toyz will look like, and the 12″ guys and gals will be remarkably similar.

As MK figures go, Mezco is already doing better work with the IP than anything we’ve seen from pretty much any company before. The articulation is amazing, the sculpts are fantastic, and the accessories included make for the definitive Mortal Kombat toy line as far as I’m concerned… and I’ve owned more than a few MK toys in my time.

I love the looks of the 7″ line, totally, but there’s just something about the 1:6 series that makes me a little more amped to add them to my shelves. You do give up a little of that aforementioned poseability (the 12″ figures ‘only’ have 12 points of articulation), but look at what you’re getting! Outside of the fact that I don’t think there’s ever been a 12″ MK line before, the figures in this new series come complete with interchangeable hands (for different poses) and weaponry, including Subby’s Ice Ball that you see in the image.

And maybe the best part- you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for them. The 12″ Mortal Kombat X figures, starting with Sub Zero here, will cost you $36.00 USD each when they start to land at retail this coming November. That’s a pretty great price, and one that you don’t see too often anymore in larger scale figures of this quality.

Speaking of, right now we know that Sub Zero and Scorpion will be available in the line. Mezco is certainly hinting at more though, so stay tuned. We’ll have any more news on them as it becomes available.

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