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Jason sharpens his blade and heads to Mortal Kombat X today

Horror movie icon Jason Voorhees has finally arrived in the Mortal Kombat X Jason Voorhees Bundle, and just about everything about the character is a gorefest.

Yeah they didn’t skimp on the blood and gore with Jason over at NeverRealm, but then again, I don’t think anyone would have expected them to. I dare say that the slasher is a good deal more blood-soaked than Freddy was in Mortal Kombat back in 2009 too. I mean, some of those moves… and he makes some serious use of that trademark Friday the 13th machete too. You won’t just get Jason in this bundle either, as the Horror Pack of skins is also included. In there, you’ll find new looks for Mileena, Reptile, and Ermac which dress the characters as a vampire, ‘kraken’, and pharaoh respectively.

If you’ve got the Kombat Pack for MKX, then you don’t need to worry any about buying this bundle separately. Owning the all-inclusive pack also means that you’ll be able to download this first offering of DLC starting tomorrow (May 5th), as you’ve already got it included in your original purchase and you get an exclusive on it for a short time.

If you don’t own the Pack, then you’ll be able to grab the whole bundle starting on the 12th of this month for $7.99 USD via Xbox Live, the PSN, or Steam on the PC. And if you don’t want all of the above, then both Jason and the Horror Pack will be available individually (also on the 12th) for $4.99 USD each.

The Kombat Pack is still available as well, will cost you $29.99 USD and, if you’re going to be getting all this DLC for that game anyway, will get you everything a lil’ bit early.

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