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GTAV running in 60 fps on the PC is a glorious sight

Oh my is the PC edition of Grand Theft Auto V pretty. In a filthy, crime-infested way of course.

That just about says it all, but just in case you need clarification, that’s Grand Theft Auto V on the PC, running in 60fps and looking easily about a million times better than on any console. Yow.

The game is pretty much the same one that’s available for those consoles of course, but this version has a bunch of technical upgrades and improvements that pretty clearly make it the edition to beat. I’ve played GTAV on the Xbox 360 and again on the One, and while the latter is definitely superior to the former, neither one look nearly as good as the PC’s version. So there you go PC gamers, sometimes waiting has its benefits.

Grand Theft Auto V finally lands on the PC on April 14th.

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