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PlayStation Game Releases for February 17th

Don’t miss these awesome titles releasing for PlayStation today!

First up is Paparazzi for PS4. A couch co-op game in which one person is the celebrity trying to escape and the other plays the nosy paparazzi looking to get that perfect photo. The developers wanted to make a fast, silly, and fun local multiplayer game and Paparazzi certainly looks to fit the bill.

Next up is Hand of Fate for PS4. The developers describe it as a roguelike deckbuilder, which is a very intriguing combination. The game starts with an introduction to The Dealer beyond the Thirteen Gates at the End of the World during which he challenges you to a game of life and death. In order to win, you must defeat thirteen bosses. Give the trailer a watch if you are still unconvinced.

For the Vita owners Deadman’s Cross is releasing today! The zombie card battle RPG comes to the Vita as an enhanced, free-to-play game. Deadman’s Cross depicts a dystopian world in 2030 where 99.9% of humans are now zombies or “deadmen”. A compelling combination of shooting and card game gameplay, Deadman’s Cross should be a blast on the Vita.

Are you going to try out any of these titles? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Hand of Fate looks like it might be something special, might pick that up.

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