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Don’t look now, but Devolver Digital wants to resurrect Seaman

Indie publisher Devolver Digital is interested in bringing the Dreamcast ‘classic’ Seaman back for a new generation of PC and smartphone gamers.

If you don’t know exactly what Seaman is, I won’t hold you responsible. The game, which sort of isn’t really a game, was released on the Sega Dreamcast around the console’s launch in ’99 and met with a good deal of acclaim and positive, albeit niche, fan reaction. Basically, you use a mic to talk with a fish that’s got the face of a man. No, that’s not the most exciting thing in the world, but people dug it enough to earn the game a spot on the all-time classics ranking for the console (though I don’t know how official any of this actually is).

Bottom line- it hasn’t been heard from in a good long time. Well, till now anyway. Devolver Digital’s CEO Fork Parker (yes, really) took to Twitter recently and pinged both Sega and the game’s creator Yoot Saito (who you might also know from the awesome SimTower) about making a new entry in the series. While Sega was mum on the subject, Saito actually responded and asked if the company were interested in bering the game back for smartphones.

Parker responded with an affirmative, and the addition of the PC as a possible platform. So there you go, some real headway towards making another go at Seaman. Whether it’ll happen or not is, of course, so done deal, but it is kind of cool that anyone’s even trying to get something started. We’ll let you know if more develops.

Source: MCV

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