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Having trouble with The Master Chief Collection? MS has a free HD version of ODST for you.

Those who bought The Master Chief Collection of Halo games last month have had no end to online matchmaking issues for multiplayer games. As a fix finally closes in, Microsoft has a little ‘sorry gift’ ready for everyone who’s bought in- a free copy of the remastered version of ODST.

Far and away one of my personal favorite Halo games, I didn’t even know that the remastered version of ODST was a thing. It most definitely is though, and if you bought The Master Chief Collection, you’re getting a copy for free. To get in on the deal, you would have had to have bought the Halo compilation between November 11th and December 19th, ,which should cover most who dove in while still fairly unknowing of the ongoing issues.

The new version of ODST, which stars the player as an ODST soldier and not a Spartan, features 60fps gameplay running in 1080p resolution and will contain the entire campaign from the original release. Gamers will be getting more than just that too, as developer 343 has a special remake of Halo 2’s Relic multiplayer map in the freebie pile, along with a free month of Xbox Live Gold and an exclusive in-game nameplate and avatar. As an apology, that’s pretty good.

343 Industries also released a statement this week by way of head Bonnie Ross, saying that they’re continuing to work on the issues that the game suffers from and promising that it’s still very much their “#1 priority” (though I’m guessing that Halo 5 ranks right up there too).

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