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Resident Evil Revelations 2 gets a release date, new trailer

You’ll be playing a whole new Resident Evil adventure this coming Winter. Oh, and guess who’s back?

Been a long time Barry. If you don’t remember, and if you don’t I question you’re RE fandom, Barry Burton is yet another former member of rate Raccoon City STARS team from the original game in the Resident Evil franchise. He appeared only here and there since and has never had a starring role in a big console RE release despite being a fan favorite, till now anyway.

And from the looks of things, Barry will have his hands full following the trail left by series mainstay Clair Redfield and his own daughter on a mysterious (and super-creepy) island full of things that presumably go bump in the night. So that’s one of the announcements that put out by Capcom today, the other is the release schedule for the game.

As you might know, RER2 is an episodic release, the first for the series, and will see digital launch first. The first episode will hit February 17th for the PSN, and will land on Xbox Live, the PC, and the PSN in Europe the next day, on February 18th. Parts 2, 3, and 4 will arrive in short order after that, on February 25th, and March 4th and 11th respectively. Each episode will run $4.99 USD.

Looking for a retail package? The full box set for the game will see release on March 13th and will include not only the four episodes mentioned above, but also a pair of additional episodes, four new costumes for use in-game, and a new ‘Raid Mode’ level and character in the form of the now deceased series villain Albert Wesker. All of that content will be made available separately for download, but it’s kind of col that you can nab it all in one little box, if you don’t mind the wait that is.

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