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Tales from the Borderlands Launches Today

Tales from the Borderlands launches today so prepare for some episodic fun. Gearbox just released a launch trailer for the game, which is currently available for PC and PlayStation today and XBox One tomorrow.


Set on Pandora following the events of Borderlands 2, you play both Rhys and Fiona as they try to climb and trick their way to the top. Rhys is looking to fill the void left by Handsome Jack at Hyperion while Fiona, a con artist, is looking for that final big mark. They join forces in order to reach their goals that only embroils them in some bigger trouble. Can you help them survive this skag ridden rollercoaster?

Tales from the Borderlands appears to be a beautiful blend of Gearbox’s fun, shoot-em-up game and TellTale’s masterful, episodic storytelling. The game will also feature some actual gun play in the point-and-click adventure. Expect to be spending more time on Pandora in the coming days.

Watch for Brutal Gamer’s review of Episode 1 soon!

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