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Nightmare makes an appearance in Super Smash Bros

The main antagonist from Kirby’s Adventure and Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland debuts in Smash as an assist trophy.

Nightmare looks really good, the stylized appearance fits him well. He has two forms, the enigmatic power orb, and wizard. His behavior in battle is not so different from the final bosses you fight in subsequent games. Like Dark Mind, Queen Sectonia, Marx and others, he’ll teleport all over the place and attack you from many different angles. He wasn’t an easy boss, especially after having to contend with the power orb’s nasty attack patterns. His assist trophy assaults you with a power that wasn’t present in Kirby’s Adventure and Nightmare in Dreamland. The entire stage goes dark, forcing all players to fight blind.

This ability of his is similar to Togepi‘s night shade that appeared in Super Smash Bros Melee. Like Nightmare, Togepi would occasionally black out the entire stage for a short period of time. Whether it will be exactly like it, last a little longer or have a shorter time span is unknown. Either way, it’s a joy to see Sakurai acknowledge Nightmare, and bringing him to Super Smash Bros in some form. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates as the release date for Smash draws ever closer.

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  1. So Assist Trophies are characters that you can ‘tag in’ for a second to make an attack or two? I ask because I’m really new at SSB.

  2. Christopher Deleanides

    Most of them yes, there are the occasional assist trophies that don’t discriminate, and do things that effect all players. Nightmare is one of those types of assist trophies. They appear in the form of little cylinder like glasses at first, and when you pick one up and break it, the character emerges.

    There’s all kinds of ATs, characters like Gray Fox, Andross, Devil from Devil World, Isaac, etc. They’re pretty neat.

  3. Ah okay, that makes sense. Can’t wait to play this game!

  4. Christopher Deleanides

    Same here, I’m so excited. Playing it in Best Buy for those short few minutes was fun as is. When Smash comes out, you and I should play it together Jason.

  5. Definitely! I’ve never played before though, so go easy on me lol

  6. Christopher Deleanides

    Ha ha, alright. Normally I don’t ease up on anybody, but seeing as you asked I’ll do so. Will be interesting to see what character suits you the best.

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