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Sony relinquishing its Square Enix stake

Sony‘s financial troubles puts them in a somewhat difficult position as of late; in an effort to mitigate losses they’ve experienced, they’ve elected to sell their stake in Square Enix.

Sony was once the second largest stake holder in Square, securing a good amount of exclusives on their platforms for years to come. Indeed, what was once a largely Nintendo-centric RPG maker shifted focus in the mid 1990s and early 2000s. Though as years went by, exclusivity of games such as Final Fantasy gradually changed once more; with titles such as Final Fantasy 13 being released on platforms like Xbox 360 and PC, as well as franchises like Dragon Quest once again returning to Nintendo. With Sony’s most recent move, it probably won’t be long before even Nintendo’s home consoles receive Final Fantasy once more.

The change over the years has been a curious one. Although their relationship with Sony has not weakened, Square‘s ties with Microsoft and Nintendo strengthened over time. It should be noted that during those years, Sony went from second largest share holder, to third largest. Although, some of the policy alternations within Square also have to do with their own financial woes that they experienced the past decade. The two are experiencing transitional stage in their existence , and it’s no surprise that the paths they’re traveling have now taken some strange turns.




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  1. This explains Kingdom Hearts 3…..

  2. Last I heard was 2015 for KHIII, but who knows…

  3. Christopher Deleanides

    It explains a lot. It was rather odd seeing games like Final Fantasy becoming multiplat after being exclusive to Sony for so long; not to mention Dragon Quest being released exclusively on Nintendo platforms. Then there’s Kingdom Hearts becoming multiplat. I really do expect to see more changes like this after Sony’s move to sell their stake. The relationship is still strong, but the exclusivity will probably dissolve even further.

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