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New Godzilla trailer debuts, looks like nuclear-powered awesome

Seriously, if Pacific Rim didn’t do it for you and your giant-monster-loving heart, this will.

I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of kaiju monster movies really, but I was a huge fan of Godzilla when I was a kid. The was something about the silly, gigantic rubbery beasties attacking Tokyo over and over again that just screamed cool and fun; if you’re a kid anyway. Now I find it hard to actually sit through the entire running time of one of them.

Thankfully, this new Godzilla is both little like those original movies and exactly like them. It’s like someone took the same flicks, but added freakin awesome special effects and a massive dose of actual serious storytelling. And it looks awesome in just about every way possible.

Cross your fingers for this one, because it could very well be one of the best spectacle films of 2014. Godzilla hits theaters on May 16th from Warner Bros. Pictures.

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