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New Indie Royale And Humble Bundles Launch

The latest set of bundles is ready for purchase.

There are two new game bundles that have become available this week, enabling you to get yet more batches of games for whatever price you feel like paying.

First up, Indie Royale have launched the ‘Meteorite Bundle’, which comes with ‘Not The Robots’, ‘Arcane Worlds’, ‘Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta – Episode 1’, ‘Bleed’, ‘No Time To Explain’ and ‘Bad Smell’, with a seventh mystery game to be added at a later date.  All of those but ‘Bad Smell’ come with Steam keys, and all but ‘Not The Robots’ and ‘No Time To Explain’ are on Desura.  In addition, if you pay £5 or more, you get the album ‘Big Steel Wheels by C-Jeff.  You can get it at the Indie Royale website.

Meanwhile, the new ‘Humble Weekly Sale’ is up in support of the IndieCade Foundation.  The bundle includes ‘And Yet It Moves’, chapters 1, 2 and 3 of ‘The Dream Machine’ and ‘Luxuria Superbia’.  Pay more than $6 and you also get ‘Dear Esther’, ‘The Bridge’ and ‘7 Grand Steps’.  You can get that at the Humble Bundle website.

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