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Shadowman #15 (Comics) Preview

Jack’s trip to the (really) dark side continues.

Valiant is proud to to present an advance preview of Shadowman #15 – the next nerve-shattering chapter of “Fear, Blood, and Shadows” by legendary writer Peter Milligan and acclaimed artists Roberto de la Torre and Al Barrionuevo!

Shadowman must die! Jack Boniface is out of control, and a monstrous supernatural force called Tremble now threatens to destroy Shadowman…if the ghosts that haunt Jack don’t tear him apart first! But before he cracks, the Abettors — sworn to aid the Shadowman and shield him from the forces of darkness — must take drastic measures to protect the world from Jack’s terrible power. Can Jack defeat the evil that’s coming to kill him…and save himself from the allies trying to drive a knife into his back?

Peter Milligan’s chilling reinvention of Valiant’s dark and dirty underbelly continues right here on February 5th, only in Shadowman #15! Before the End Times come for Jack Boniface this April, find out why fans and critics agree – Milligan and de la Torre are bringing a terrifying new depth to the dark world of Shadowman

A dark world indeed. Shadowman was always a haven for the supernatural in the Valiant Universe, but now with the latest evolutions in the character at the hands of Peter Milligan (and the awesome artwork of Roberto De La Torre and Al Barrionuevo) he’s getting into whole new levels of creepy.

It’s been a strange arc for the character overall, who was pretty clearly defined in the opening storyline where he battled Twist and Master Darque. Now though, Shadowman has been seriously shaken up and is evolving into a much more ghostly ‘hero’ than he once was. Since the character is so new (this version anyway), the changes kind of give off the impression that you never really know what might happen and when to Jack- and the spirit inhabiting his body that makes him what he is.

It’s a really cool concept though and one that I hope continues at least in some way as the monthly book moves forward. Maybe not quite this unstable though. Personally, I don’t know if Jack can take it.

Dig your scythes into Shadowman #15 when it hits the racks on February 5th, and then don’t forget to grab a copy of Shadowman: End Times #1 when that book arrives this coming April. It’s going to be a dark, dark Spring.

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