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A pile of new screens arrive for Tex Murphy as new site goes live

Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure is still a little ways off from completing the cliffhanger ending of the gumshoe’s last adventure, but with a new website, come new screens. Click on through to have a peek at the newest locations that you’ll be visiting in the game.

We find Tex Murphy down and out: down on his luck and out with a concussion; but it’s not long before his latest case takes him in search of Nikola Tesla’s greatest secrets. Will Tex once again overcome the crime-ridden and Mutant infested streets of San Francisco, radiation levels that make Chernobyl look like the Garden of Eden, and enough booze to incapacitate even the most hardened gumshoes? We’ll just have to wait and see…

It’s time to pick up your trench coats and wipe off those fedoras; mutants, flying cars, sentient holograms, and the forgotten streets of the parts of the old Bay City that didn’t make it through WWIII await in the latest adventures of the unluckiest detective the post-apocalypse has ever seen.

If you’ve ever played a Tex Murphy game (or haven’t been following our coverage), then you might not know why Atlus picking up this game for publication is just so darned awesome. Tex has been around for a good long time and any PC gamer from the 1990’s more then likely has played one of the adventure games starring the perpetually down-on-his-luck PI.

Basically, Tex was last seen on the wrong end of some bad guys in 1998’s Tex Murphy: Overseer. This is a del cliffhanger ending too that I’m talking about. Satisfying it wasn’t as it was meant to lead into the next game in the series- which has only happened now, almost 20 years later. So yes, it was one heck of a long wait, but thanks to a successful Kickstarter and the publishing magic of Atlus, fans are finally back in a Tex state of mind.

There’s really no firm release date even now as we inch closer to the tentative “early 2014” release date for the game. Have no fear though, because Tesla Effect isn’t a big old chunk of vaporware, and Atlus has just opened up the official website to prove it. The site is now live and contains a plethora of info about both Tex and his post-apocalyptic (sort of) world as well as a bunch of screenshots and more.

You’ll find most of the new screens below in our gallery, but if you’re a big fan, you’ll definitely want to click through to the full site to see what the old boy  has been up to. Mainly being knocked out would be my guess though.

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