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Eternal Warrior #4 (Comics) Preview

Gilad goes hunting for a god in Eternal Warrior #4.

Gilad Anni-Padda was once the Earth’s sworn champion…but time changes everything. Together with his daughter and fellow immortal, Xaran, the Eternal Warrior has returned to stop the never-ending cycle of bloodshed that comes with obeying the Earth’s command. To do it, he’ll slay the god of the Earth itself…and the legion of swords at her command. But, immortal or not, can history’s most feared warrior withstand the divine wrath which he has wrought?

A battle thousands of years in the making will be fought today…and what happens here will reverberate for centuries to come…all the way to the year 4001! Begin the journey toward the return of Valiant’s famous future timeline right here on December 18th, only in Eternal Warrior #4!

The opening arc of the Eternal Warrior’s solo series has been a violent, bloody battles cape of pure action- which is a perfect intro for the character to readers. Although issue 4 closes out the initial storyline, there’s a lot to like about what’s coming next for the character.

Issue 5 will see Gilad heading into the far future; all the way to the year 4001 AD. That date might ring a bell for longtime Valiant fans since the future timeline of the Universe was a huge part of the classic Valiant U back in the ’90s. That the reinvigorated publisher is going back there is a really big deal for them and for their characters since it could -could- mean a whole lot of things are not he way.

Before we get there in 2014 though, Eternal Warrior #4 will be won the racks from Greg Pak, Trevor Hairsine & Diego Bernard on December 18th.

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