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Dead Rising 3 gameplay

With the Xbox One‘s release inching ever closer, new footage and information of its launch titles are steadfastly being revealed. Some more Dead Rising 3 goodness coming from the Xbox One Tour has surfaced.


Dead Rising 3 shows off the power of the Xbox One with a myriad of zombies. The game seems to run buttery smooth regardless of what appears on screen, and it really does show off the potential of what developers can pull off this generation. The player begins by wiping the floor with all foes using a sledge saw afterwards he finds a nice looking car to hijack, mowing over everything in his path. He he then forms a combo weapon, creating an armored vehicle with a gun on top of it. Another neat looking combo is a motorcycle with a steam roller.

One thing you’ll notice is all the detail that they added to the game; for example, the blood doesn’t just fly out of the zombies that you kill, it seems to cover every surface in the immediate area, including the vehicle you’re driving. Dead Rising 3 is definitely one of Xbox One’s killer apps, and will be released November 22nd along with the Xbox One.

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  1. DR3 is definitely one of the games I’m most excited about for next-gen. That armored car looks like a ton of fun too.

  2. Christopher Deleanides

    Are you getting all the systems this generation Jason? I gotta admit, Dead Rising 3 makes the Xbox One hard to resist.

  3. I’ll probably pick up both (thanks to an obscene amount of credit I have at Best Buy), but I’m more excited about the One than the PS4 basically just because of Microsoft’s exclusives. I’m a big Halo and Gears fan and I tend to like a lot more of the exclusive content that the Xbox offers than Sony’s stuff.

    That’s not to say that I think Sony has a weak offering in the PS4 though, because both Killzone and The Order look terrific.

  4. Christopher Deleanides

    I have to admit though, the Xbox One’s launch titles do look more appealing to me. I could see myself liking Dead Rising 3 and Titanfall quite a bit.

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